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Designing a top notch fitness facility is a huge undertaking and requires a team of dedicated and experienced experts. Fred Hoffman is one of them.

To help you make the right choices, and to avoid common mistakes, Fred is available to guide you through the challenge of designing a new fitness center or redesigning your current one.

Fred has worked at, taught in, and visited hundreds of fitness facilities in close to 50 countries worldwide, (and has personally worked out in most of them!!). With 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, diverse management skills, and a multitude of resources, who better than Fred to provide the knowledge and expertise to create a successful health club facility that provides outstanding customer service?!

As an integral part of your project development team, he will work with your architects, contractors and interior designers to create a functional, efficient and state of the art fitness facility, designed to meet the needs of your clients and staff. Fred will help you make the best decisions concerning the purchase of equipment that is easy to use, practical and reliable, and will recommend facility design and floor plans as determined by total available space, safety considerations and that follow market demands.

Fred can also provide top management services which include professional staffing, programming, marketing and promotion to meet all of your business’s needs.

The ideal facility is one that functions in harmony. Fred pays attention to the small details that contribute to that harmony. He knows how to keep members coming back, your staff motivated and professional, and your fitness facility at it’s peak performance. Contact him today at Consulting services are available worldwide!

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