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Do you prefer to work out in the privacy of your own home? Are you tired of spending money on a health club membership that you seldom use? Don’t feel like making an effort to go out to the gym? Then consider setting up a home gym. Whether you work out alone, or with a trainer, convenience and privacy are major advantages of training at home and may be just what you need to stay motivated and achieve results.

To help you make the right choices, and to avoid common mistakes, Fred is available to assist and guide you through the challenge of turning this vision into a reality. Drawing from a multitude of resources, he will help you design a home gym or workout area which is both functional, and adequate for your exercise program needs.

The design and equipment selection will be determined by your budget, space available, your individual goals, and safety concerns. Issues such as layout, flooring and storage will also be considered.

Fred will recommend equipment that will enhance your specially designed workout program and that is easy to use, practical and reliable. In addition, he will provide quality instruction on the proper and safe use of the equipment.

If you are considering installing a gym at home and need expert advice, here is where to start. Send an e-mail to for more information. Consulting services are available worldwide!

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