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If you are in charge of planning a fitness event, or are thinking about organizing one in the near future, Fred is ready to assist and guide you from it’s conception to realization. With over 23 years of experience organizing fitness related events, he will provide the tools necessary to make your event a successful and memorable one.

From local charity fundraisers to national conventions, Fred has successfully planned, organized, and coordinated both for-profit, and non-profit events. These include master classes and workshops at fitness facilities, instructor training seminars, aerobic marathons, fitness studio open houses, press conferences, health club openings, pre-convention events, and 1 to 4 day national conventions. Some of the annual events that Fred has organized have been so successful and enjoyable, that even the VOLUNTEER STAFF requests working at the next year’s event!

Fred offers both first time planners and seasoned organizers expert advice on how to successfully build a fitness event. He will develop a working plan for you with a specific time line to follow, and will take you step by step through the process.

Here are some key areas that may be included in the plan:

-General Budget
-Legal concerns and insurance
-Guest presenters and speakers
-Managing staff and volunteers
-Promotion and advertising

‘Fred is creative and intelligent.’ ‘He continually strives to challenge himself.’
His long and illustrious career prove his staying power’
-Carol Scott, CEO ECA World Fitness Alliance,
IDEA Business Director of the Year 2003 Long Island, New York USA

Remember: The key to a successful event is expert planning! By hiring Fred to organize your event, you will profit from his years of experience. With his practical and systematic approach to event planning, you will avoid common mistakes and unnecessary costs, and will be prepared for the unexpected. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Contact Fred today at! Consulting services available are worldwide.


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