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IDEA Fitness Manager Octobre 2010  ‘Functional Fitness Facilities: A Refresher’ Published Article
Reuters and Numerous Publications and Websites  Septembre 2010  ‘Gym Culture Not Working Out for the French’  Published Article
IDEA Fitness Journal  Septembre 2010  ‘Preparing For Instability’  Published Article
DEA Fitness Journal  Juillet 2010  ‘2010 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends’ Mention
Athletic Business Web Site Juillet 2010  ‘How to Manage Generational Differences in the Workplace’  Published article
Club Business International  Juin 2010 ‘All-Around Success’
Letter and photo
ELLE   Avril 2010 ‘16 Trucs Pour Devenir Accro Au Sport’   Mention
IDEA Fitness Journal  Avril 2010  ‘Hybrid Fitness Professionals – The Best of All Worlds?’ Mention

Muscle & Performance

Février 2010 ‘Isometric Back Builder’ Mention
IHRSA Web Site Janvier 2010 ‘What’s Important? A Look Ahead to the Fitness Industry in 2010’ Mention
PULSE   Septembre 2009 Sounding Board: ‘Education In Their Own Words’   Interview and photo
IDEA Fitness Journal  Septembre 2009  ‘Creative Ideas That Inspire’   Mention
IDEA Fitness Journal Juillet 2009 ‘Spanning the Generations’ Mention
PULSE Mai 2009 Sounding Board: ‘What Sites Do You Use to Stay Connected?’   Mention and photo
ELLE Mai 2009 ‘Sport: Plus Fun La Forme’   Mention
IDEA Trainer Success Avril 2009 ‘Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That’ Mention
IDEA Fitness Journal  Avril 2009  ‘Fitness With A French Twist’ Mention and photos
IDEA Fitness Journal Avril 2009  ‘Brand Identity Confusion’  Mention
IDEA Fitness Journal Mars 2009 ‘Fat-Free Step’  Published Article

IDEA Fitness Journal

Mars 2009 ‘Inspire the World to Fitness’ Ad Campaign Featured Expert


Nov/Déc 2008 'Can I Really Tone Up in 30 Minutes?' Mention

Fitness Business Canada 

Septembre/Octobre 2008  'Fit to Travel' Published Article and photos

The Update, a Publication of the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association  

Fall 2008 'Q & A with Fred Hoffman' Featured Interview and photo

IDEA Fitness Journal

July-August 2008  'StepTube: The Next Wave?' Mention

IDEA Fitness Journal

July-August 2008 Fitness Forum Mention

ELLE Magazine (France)

Juin 2008 'A Chaque Age Son Sport de Vacances' Mention
AASFP Fitness China Annual Convention Report  Mai 2008  Photo and Mention

Fitness Report Moscow  Functional Training  

Mai 2008  Featured Interview and photos

IDEA Fitness Journal

Avril 2008 'How to be a Great Instructor'

Featured article

Votre Beauté

Avril 2008 'Bouger Comme J'ai Envie' Featured expert

Vive La Forme

Mars/Avril/Mai 2008 'NEWS' Mention and photo

IDEA Fitness Manager

Mars 2008 'Exergaming: Programming Outside the Xbox' Mention

Health Club Management

Mars 2008 'How to effectively integrate freeweights into your gym', Trainer Insight Featured expert & photo

ELLE Magazine ( France )

Mars 2008 '200 Calories En Moins' Featured Expert

Northeastern University Alumni Magazine

Autonne 2007 'Classes' Mention

IDEA Fitness Journal

Mai 2007 'Let's Get This Party Started' Mention

IDEA Fitness Journal

Mai 2007 '25 Future Deliverables in the Fitness Industry' Mention

IDEA Fitness Journal

Avril 2007 'Diary of an IDEA convention Attendee' Mention

IDEA Fitness Journal

Mars 2007 'Master Class'

Feature Article and photos

IDEA Fitness Journal

Janvier 2007 'Tricks of the Trade' Mention
JASMIN Janvier 2007 '25 Mantras Sérénité' Mention
IDEA Fitness Journal

October 2006 'Fitness Forum'

Rocky Mountain News

September 2006 'Steady Now'

Featured in article & web site
La Parisienne Attitude (France)

September 2006 La Parisienne

Mention and photos
Men's Health (South Korea) August 2006 Deck Reebok Featured article and Photos
Esquire South Korea

August 2006 Reebok University Resolution

Interview and Photo
Singles (South Korea)

August 2006 Reebok University Resolution

Feature and Photos
Haute (South Korea)

August 2006 Reebok University Resolution

Feature and Photos
Dove (South Korea)

August 2006 Reebok University Resolution

Featured article and Photos
Beauty & Life (South Korea)

August 2006 Reebok University Resolution

Interview and Photo
IDEA Fitness Journal

July/August 2006 'Catalysts for Change'

Featured and photo
IDEA Fitness Journal

July/August 2006 'Meet the Experts'

IHRSA Club Business Europe

Summer 2006 Buddha-bar Spa

ACE Certified News

June/July 2006 'Time to hit the Road?'

IDEA Fit Tips & eNewsletter

June 2006 'Helping Clients..'

Featured mention
IHRSA Club Business Europe

Spring 2006 'Overweight? Moi?, Non!'

IDEA Fit Tips & eNewsletter

May 2006 'Congratulations...'

Cosmopolitan (France)

April 2006 '100 idées minceur'

ELLE (France)

April 2006 'C'est de la Balle'

IDEA Fitness Journal

March 2006 'Sample Class: Core Circuit'

Published article
IDEA Fitness Journal March 2006 'Tricks of the Trade' Published article
Le Monde du Muscle (France)

January 2006 'Le Monde du Fitness'

Mention and Photo
IDEA Fitness Journal

Nov/Dec 2005 'The First Step'

Published article
Marie France (France)

July 2005 'L'eau Notre Force Vive'

Marie France (France)

June 2005 'Bougez-vous le Nombril'

IDEA Fitness Journal April 2005 'Tricks of the Trade' Mention
ACE Professional eNewsletter Nov 2004 'Obtaining CECs Abroad' Published article
ACE Professional eNewsletter Aug. 2004 'Low Carb Diets Abroad' Published article
IDEA Fitness Journal July/Aug 2004 'A Step Ahead' Mention
Club Business Europe July 2004 'Russian industry Blossoms' Photo and Mention
ACE Professional eNewsletter June 2004 'Fitness Trends Abroad' Published article
THE NEW YORK TIMES June 21, 2004 'In the Weight Rooms of Paris, There is a Chic New Fragrance: Sweat' Mention
ACE Professional eNewsletter May 2004 'Breaking Barriers; Clients Who Use English as a Second Language' Published article
Comme Ça (France) May 2004 Fitness Gym Tonique Photo
ACE Certified News April/May 2004 '2004 ACE Professionals of the Year: Finalists' Photo and feature
IDEA Health and Fitness Source March 2004 'IDEA News' Mention
Tema Homepa (Russia) March 2004 Mention
The Irish Eyes (Paris) March 2004 'Unfit for Business' Mention
ACE Professional eNewsletter March 2004 'The Challenges of Opening and Running a Fitness Facility in Russia' Published article
IDEA Personal Trainer February 2004 'Tricks of the Trade' Published Article
Club Med Gym Magazine Jan 2004 'Dans les Clubs' Photo
Jogging (France) Oct 2003 'En toute Féminité' Mention and photo
ACE Professional E-Newsletter 2003 'Fitness Success Story' Feature and photo
FMT Magazine (France) Sept/Oct/Nov 2003 'Nouveauté' Photo
Nice-Matin (France) Sept 2003 'Le GRETA parie sur les métiers du sport' Mention and photo
ELLE Sept 2003 'Les hommes changent de Forme!' Mention
AFISHA (Samara, Russia) Aug/Sept 2003 Feature and Photo
Vive La Forme (France) June/July/Aug 2003 Photo
IDEA Health and Fitness Source June 2003 ' Keeping Pace With Today's Step Classes' Mention
Vive La Forme (France) Mar/Apr/May 2003 Mention
CANNES (France) Mar 2003 'Devenir prof de Fitness: tout un programme' Mention and Photo
Vive La Forme (France) Jan/Feb 2003 Mention
IDEA Health & Fitness Source Oct 2002 'Cultivating Cultural Sensitivity' Mention
Vive La Forme (France) Sept/Oct/Nov 2002 Mention
ELLE Feb 2002 'Devenez Accro Du Sport' Mention
Vital (France) June 2002 'Vital vous entraîne dans sa Course' Feature and Photo
Vital (France) Nov 2002 'Vital dans la Foulée' Mention
Vital (France) Oct 2002 'Courez avec Vital' Mention
Vital (France) Aug 2002 'Courez avec Vital' Mention
The Jakarta Post (Indonesia) May 12, 2002 'Fitness Instructors.....' Mention
IDEA FItness Edge Apr/May 2002 ' Strength Training Class Warm-Ups' Published article
Performance (Portugal) Jan 2002 'Uma aposta nas coreografias do futuro'
Mention and Photo
Fitness News (Spain) Dec 2001 Feature and Photo
ELLE Nov 2001 'Corps, Changez de Ligne' Mention
Fitness News (Spain) Sept 2001 Mention and Photo
Club Business International, Planet IHRSA Dec 2000 'Viva La Difference: French Club industry is Undergoing Changes' Mention
IDEA Fitness Edge Nov./Dec. 2000 'Group Resistance Training: Guidelines and Safety Suggestions' Mention
ELLE Sept 2000 'News Forme' Mention
ELLE Aug 2000 'Zoom Beauté' Mention
Vive La Forme (France) June/July/Aug 2002 Photo
The New Paper Singapore June 2000 'S-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself' Photos
Réponse Santé April 2000 'Home Fitness' Mention
Intersport/Reebok 'Le Guide Du Mieux Etre' April 2000 Feature and Photo
M Magazine September 1999 'La Force Architranquille' Mention
ELLE Sept 1999 'Rentrée Musclée' Mention
M Magazine June 1999 'Vive le neuro-training' Mention
Khaleej Times (Dubai, UAE) May 1999 Photo and mention
Vive La Forme (France) Mar/Apr/May 1999 'Les Pros du Fit' Photo and mention
IDEA Health and Fitness Source March 1999 'Branded' Mention
IDEA Health and Fitness Source March 1999 'World Beat: France' Published article
IDEA Fitness Edge Nov/Dec 1998 Problem Solver: 'Give Subs a chance'
Published article
Fit Pro (UK) Oct/Nov 1998 'Functional Strength Training' Published article and photos
Reebok Professional Alliance Magazine UK Autumn 1998 'Men on Top' Feature and photo
Society (Bombay, India) March 1998 'Danc-ercise' Mention
Health & Nutrition (India) Feb 1998 'Is the Trainer always right?' Mention and Photo
IDEA Today July/Aug1997 'Careers 2000' Mention
Pro Link UK June/July1997 'Boxing Workout For the Non-Boxer' Published article and photos
Fitness Scotland June 1997 'Members news' Mention and photo
NORTE (Madrid, Spain) Feb 1997 'El extranjero del mes en Fitness Club' Feature and Photo
Times of India (New Delhi) Jan 1998 'Enjoy your Workout' Mention and Photo
Indian Express Jan 1998 'One, Two, Three, Four' Mention and Photo
Bombay Midday Jan 1998 'Shake a Leg' Mention and Photo
LadyFitness Sweden Feb 1996 'Crosstraining, Mind and Body' Feature and Photo
The Paris Free Voice Nov 1996 'Fitness Facts' Mention
The European Magazine Dec 1995 'See You at the Gym?' Mention
Reebok Professional Alliance Magazine (United Arab Emirates) Sept.1994 Mention
EFAA Update Fitness News Magazine (Holland) Sept 1994 'Step and Funk Convention'
Feature and Photo
IDEA TODAY July/August 1995 'International Perspective: A Look at Inactivity around the World' Interview
Health & Fitness (UK) May 1995 'Club Trends' Mention
IETA News (Ireland) Spring 1995 'Convention '95 Presenters' Feature and Photo
American Fitness Jan/Feb1995 “Help Wanted, Travel Required' Mention
France-Antilles Guadeloupe, French West Indies Jan 1995 'Une cinquantaine de participants au stage' Mention
Reebok Professional Alliance Magazine Spain Jan 1995 'Entrevista' Feature and Photo
Le Canard Du Fitness Dec 1994 'Boxaerobics Workout' Feature
Reebok Professional Alliance Magazine France Autumn 1994 'L'Avenir de l'instructeur Fitness' Mention and Photo
What's On Dubai (UAE) April 1994 'Workshops by Fitness Gurus' Mention
Khaleej Times Weekend Magazine (UAE) April 1994 'Exercise experts due' Feature and Photo
Emirates News (UAE) April 1994 'Slide, new phenomenon in fitness exercise' Mention and photo
Gulf News (UAE) April 1994 'Star TV instructors in Dubai' Mention
Arab Times (Kuwait) April 1994 'Step Reebok' Mention
GALA April 1994 'Gymnastique, Suivez le Coach' Feature and photos
France-Antilles (Guadeloupe, French West Indies) Mar 1994 'Loisirs' Mention
TV Magazine Guadeloupe (French West Indies) Mar 1994 'Stage de “Steps' Mention
ECHOS Ile de La Réunion, France May 1994 'L'aérobic se donne en spectacle' Mention
Le Journal de Ile de La Réunion, France May 1994 ' La forme et les formes sous les projecteurs' Feature and photo
Le Réunionnais May 1994 '6 heures de “chaud” ' Mention and photo
The European Dec 1993 'Fitness starts at home-in the Gym' Mention and list of 'Top ten exercises'
Times of Oman (Muscat) Sept 1993 'Step Aerobics' Mention
Oman Daily Observer Sept 1993 'Step in for Step Aerobics' Mention
Top Squash Newletter (Luxembourg) May/June 1993 'Funky Females and Mexican Men' Mention and Photo
Femme Actuelle May 1993 'La Gym Idéale pour se muscler sans effort' Mention and Photo
TV Cable Hebdo Mar 1993 'La meilleure façon de marcher' Mention and photo
Reebok Professional Alliance Magazine France Jan 1993 'Step Reebok: le step en toute sécurité Published article
Reebok Professional Alliance Magazine France July 1993 'Flexion Antérieure du torse; La Controverse' Published article
IDEA Today June 1992 'IDEA News, members' Mention
Sport Tonic April 1992 'La Marche en Avant' Photo
Fitness Management May 1992 'International Opportunities' Mention
IDEA Today March 1992 'News from Abroad' Mention and Photo
IDEA Today March 1992 'Charity Events' Mention
INFO Fédé FFFIT Jan 1992 'Conseils de nos Juges Internationaux pour les compétitions d'Aerobic' Published article
Reebok Instructor News (UK) Dec 1991 Photo and mention
INFO Fédé FFFIT Oct 1991 'Formation des Juges' Mention and Photo
BodyLife France Oct 1991 'La marche en Avant' Mention
BodyLife France Aug/Sept 1991 'ACE arrive en France' Mention
Pleine Forme June 1991 'Ça Marche pour le Step Reebok' Mention and Photo
La Dépêche du Midi April 1991 'C'est la grande forme' Photo
Muscle & Fitness (France) March 1991 'Men in Fitness' Feature and Photo
France-Soir Oct 1990 'La première séance' Photo
IDEA Today Oct 1989 'Update' Mention
Tribune de Genève (Switzerland) August 1989 Publicity
Construire (Switzerland) July 1989 'Fitness-clubs' Mention and photo
Construire (Switzerland) June 1989 Mention
La Suisse (Switzerland) June 1989 Publicity
Sports et Loisirs (Switzerland) June 1989 Publicity
CitySports (Boston) Feb/March 1989 'Coming of Age' Photo and mention
The Dumb-bell Times, (Metropolitan Health Club Boston) Oct/Nov 1988 'The Metro People' Feature and Photo
La Suisse (Switzerland) Feb 1988 Publicity
Tribune de Genève (Switzerland) Jan 1988 Publicity
Boston Ledger 1987 'Working out with Boston's Best' Feature and Photo
Boston Seniority July 1985 'Be wise: Exercise' Mention and Photo
Boston Seniority June 1985 'Olympic athlete lauds first BEEP graduates' Mention and Photo
Boston Ledger June 1985 'BEEP' Mention and photo
The Boston Herald Sept 1984 'Ten Toughest Workouts in Town' Feature and Photos

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