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October 2010 IDEA Fitness Manager 'Functional Fitness Facilities: A Refresher'

- Read this article by Fred concerning the ‘functional’ issues that really matter to club members

September 2010 Reuters and Numerous Publications and Websites 'Gym Culture Not Working Out for the French'

- Fred is quoted as a Fitness expert in this piece about the public’s attitude towards working out in France



September 2010 IDEA Fitness Journal 'Preparing For Instability'

- Check out Fred’s article on how to properly warm-up when exercising on unstable surfaces



July 2010 IDEA Fitness Journal '2010 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends'

- Fred is quoted several times concerning trends in the Fitness Industry



July 2010 Athletic Business Web Site 'How to Manage Generational Differences in the Workplace'

- Fred suggests 5 strategies for managers in this web article

April 2010 ELLE '16 Trucs Pour Devenir Accro Au Sport'

- Fred’s suggestions for how to make working out part of your life



April 2010 IDEA Fitness Journal 'Hybrid Fitness Professionals - The Best of All Worlds?'

- Read Fred’s take on the emergence and future of hybrid fitness pros



February 2010 Muscle & Performance 'Isometric Back Builder'

- Check out this simple, but challenging exercise


January 2010 IHRSA Web Site 'What's Important? A Look Ahead to the Fitness Industry in 2010'

- Fred's outlook for 2010 in IHRSA's Industry Leader e-book

September 2009 PULSE Sounding Board: 'Education In Their Own Words'

- A short answer to a question about attending conferences, from the Spa Industry Leader, ISPA

July 2009 IDEA Fitness Journal 'Spanning the Generations'

- Fred is quoted several times in this article that address issues that affect each generation

May 2009 PULSE Sounding Board: 'What Sites Do You Use to Stay Connected?'

- Fred shares which social networks he uses in this question from ISPA

May 2009 ELLE 'Sport: Plus Fun La Forme'

- Fred is quoted on how to make exercise more fun

April 2009 IDEA Trainer Success 'Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That'

- Check out Fred’s tweet in this article!

April 2009 IDEA Fitness Journal 'Fitness With A French Twist'

- A fun overview of the Fitness Industry in France

April 2009 IDEA Fitness Journal 'Brand Identity Confusion'

- In this article, Fred gives his thoughts on 'branded' programs

March 2009 IDEA Fitness Journal 'Fat-Free Step'

- A cardio-based step class, accessible to everyone!

March 2009 IDEA Fitness Journal 'Inspire the World to Fitness' Ad Campaign

- So proud to have been included in this beautiful campaign to inspire the world to get fit and healthy!

Nov/Dec 2008  FITNESS (USA)  'Can I Really Tone Up in 30 Minutes?'

- Read a few strength training tips from Fred

September/October 2008  Fitness Business Canada  'Fit to Travel'

- Read Fred’s article on what to know about working internationally in the fitness industry

Fall 2008  The Update, a Publication of the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association  'Q & A with Fred Hoffman'

- Check out this in-depth feature interview with Fred

July-August 2008  IDEA Fitness Journal 'StepTube: The Next Wave?'

- Read Fred’s comments concerning the use of YouTube for group exercise

June 2008 ELLE Magazine (France) 'A Chaque Age Son Sport de Vacances'

- Fred and Isabelle Sansonetti suggest fitness activities for different age groups during summer vacation.

May 2008 Fitness Report Moscow 'Functional Training'

- Take a look at this article (in Russian) with photos to illustrate some exercises that resemble activities of daily life

April 2008 Votre Beauté 'Bouger Comme J'ai Envie'

- Fred's expert advice is featured through-out this article on fitness and beauty.

April 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal 'How to be a Great Instructor'

- In this article Fred explains how to be your best when teaching adult learners.

March 2008 Health Club Management 'How to effectively integrate freeweights into your gym', Trainer Insight

- Check out Fred's suggestions for integrating free-weights into the gym.

March 2008 ELLE Magazine ( France ) '200 Calories En Moins'

- Fred gives suggestions on how to burn more calories during your daily activities.

Spa Business January 2008 'Fitting in'

- Read Fred's expert advice on merging spa and fitness design

Club Business Europe Autumn 2007 'Is the Paradox Over?'

- Fred speaks about advances and change in the French Fitness Industry

IDEA Fitness Journal October 2007 '2007 IDEA Award Winners: Affecting Change'

- The spotlight is on Fred and fellow recipients in this article honoring the 2007 IDEA award winners

IDEA Fitness Journal October 2007 'The Uniform Question'

- Read Fred's suggestions concerning staff uniforms

La Parisienne September 2007 'Fred Hoffman, un ambassadeur apprécié des Parisiennes'

- A short interview with Fred in the official magazine of 'La Parisienne', an annual Women's only 6.2 K run

IDEA Fitness Journal July-August 2007 '2007 IDEA Health & Fitness Awards Finalists'

- A short feature on Fred as an IDEA award finalist

IDEA Fitness Journal June 2007

- Check out this photo of Fred with a story about his collection of +20 years of IDEA publications

Elle France July 2007 'Un Corps de V.I.P., Vite'

- Fred gives expert advice in this article on how to have a body like a 'Star'

IDEA Fitness Journal March 2007

- In this interview, Fred is featured as a "Visionary Veteran" with a global outlook.

IDEA Fitness Journal January 2007

- Read Fred's suggestions on setting new goals for Personal Training clients.

Jasmin (France), January 2007

- Fred quoted in '25 Wellness Resolutions for 2007', (no. 17).

Men's Health (South Korea) August 2006

- Check out Fred presenting 7 different exercises on the Reebok Deck.

IDEA Fitness Journal July/August 2006

- Fred is recognized as one of the Finalists for the 2006 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year in this issue.

IDEA Fitness Journal July/August 2006

- In this article Fred and his colleagues give advice on approaching presenters at the IDEA World convention.

ACE Certified News June/July 2006

- Fred is quoted on career opportunities as an International Fitness Professional.

IHRSA Club Business Europe Spring 2006

- Read Fred's comments concerning the growing obesity problem in France.

IDEA Fitness Journal March 2006

- Discover how Fred incorporates Core Training into a Circuit training format.

IDEA Fitness Journal March 2006

- Read Fred's suggestions for helping Personal Training clients who have difficulties making healthy changes.

IDEA Fitness Journal, Nov/Dec 2005

- In this issue Fred explains how the warm-up contributes to the success of your step class.

Marie France ( France ), July 2005

- Fred explains several benefits of working out in the water and suggests some simple exercises to accomplish this.

Marie France (France), June 2005

- Fred is quoted in this article that focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles during daily activities.

IDEA Fitness Journal, April 2005

- Read Fred's suggestions for helping personal training clients 'stay on track' when they travel extensively.

ACE Certified news, April/May 2005

- In this issue, Fred is recognized as the 2005 ACE Group Fitness Instructor of the Year, First Runner Up!

IDEA Fitness Journal, February 2005

- In this article, Fred offers some insight on how to create a rewarding and beneficial mentoring experience.

IDEA Fitness Journal, July-August 2004

- In this article highlighting IDEA Fitness Fusion-Chicago, Fred gives some tips to convention attendees.

Club Business Europe July 2004

- Fred is quoted in this article about the blossoming Fitness industry in Russia.

NEW YORK TIMES, June 21, 2004

- Fred is quoted in this article about fitness and gyms in France.

ACE Certified news, April/May 2004

- Fred is recognized as the First Runner Up for the ACE Professionals of the Year in this issue!

IDEA Personal Trainer, February 2004

- Check out Fred’s stance on clients taking supplements in ‘Tricks of the Trade’.

IDEA Health and Fitness Source, October 2002

- Having taught fitness professionals in over 45 countries, Fred offers his knowledge and experiences from traveling and working abroad in this article on how to Cultivate Cultural Sensitivity.

ELLE (France), September 15, 2003

- Fred is quoted in an article on wellness that describes how men are embracing yoga and pilates.

IDEA Fitness Edge, April-May, 2002

- Read and learn from Fred’s article on Warm-Up techniques and guidelines for Strength Training classes!

ELLE (France), September 27, 1999

- In this ‘back to school’ issue, Fred suggests three exercises for staying in shape in this ‘News Forme’ column.

IDEA Fitness Edge, Nov-Dec., 1998

- In this Problem Solver column, Fred gives tips on how to ‘survive’ subbing a colleagues class.

FIT PRO, October 1998

- In an article written by Fred, he presents 14 different exercises that can be included in a Functional Strength Training class.

REEBOK Professional Alliance Magazine, Autumn 98

- Fred ‘excels’ in this article featuring 5 top male presenters.

GALA, April 1994

- Featured in this article, Fred instructs 6 exercises for having a firmer body.

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