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Whether you are just starting out in the Personal Training profession, or are a experienced veteran, you know that staying 'up to date' and gaining deeper, sound knowledge is essential for any fitness professional. Continuing education is a vital and key component to a lasting career.

Fred Hoffman knows that too. With a Master's Degree in Health Education, he will share his expertise and 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry with your Personal Training Staff.

He suggests the following workshops which are guaranteed to enhance your Personal Training staff’s knowledge, and will contribute to the overall success of your business. He also proposes a fundamental Personal Training course that is detailed below.

  Trainer Education Workshops

Reebok Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT)
This is the first program that teaches the trainer how to look at the functional movement of the client. Developed by physical therapists for use in competitive sports, medicine and rehabilitation, RNT gives the trainer a screen with which to identify and exercises to address musculoskeletal imbalances resulting from posture, occupation, lifestyle and/or sport. Client will develop joint mobility and stability, quality of movement, motor learning, strength, power, endurance, balance, stabilization, flexibility and awareness.

Equipment: Dowel

Reebok 5 Point Movement Screen
Reebok 5 Point Movement Screen comes from the Reebok Reactive Neuromuscular Training Program (RNT) to assess mobility and/or stability of the client. The focus is on quality of movement as opposed to quantity. Trainers will have more tools with which to observe muscular imbalances, and will also learn several exercises to address mobility and/or stability.

Equipment: Step, Mat and Dowel

Reebok One to One Flexibility
This workshop teaches trainers how to assess range of motion, mobility and flexibility. Specific stretching protocols such as active assisted and contract relax are demonstrated and practiced extensively. Personal Trainers will learn how to set up a 30 minute flexibility session.

Equipment: Mat and/or Massage table

Reebok Core Training for Personal Trainers
This program is designed to give the personal trainer tools to develop integrated progressing and effective cueing techniques to work the core muscles in order to better stabilize and support movements of the entire body. We use mobility, stability, and "reacting" to unstable surfaces and environments, instead of isolating muscle groups as in traditional programs.

Equipment: Reebok Core Board, hand weights, tubing and /or medicine ball

Reebok Flexible Strength
An inclusive, challenging and invigorating training program (based on principles of Ashtanga "Power" Yoga) that blends strength with flexibility, endurance, balance, coordination, and concentration. Its unique East West synergy yields strong, fluid movements that require a focus of mind and body. This program will add versatility to your client’s training routine.

Equipment: Yoga Mats

To book Fred for any of the proposed workshops, send him an e-mail at

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