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‘He motivates his students with enthusiasm and empowers them to make healthy life style choices.
-Josie Gardiner, IDEA Instructor of the Year 2002 Boston, Ma. USA

Maximize your time and energy to achieve goal oriented results!!

Looking to lose weight and body fat, improve your appearance, tone up, get stronger, reduce stress or just feel better? Bored with your current program, frustrated by a training plateau or looking for a new plan of action? Then you have come to the right place....

Drawing from his vast wealth of knowledge and years of experience, Fred will create a personalized training program designed specifically for your needs and goals. He will help you to stay motivated, on track, and to successfully achieve maximum results in a realistic time frame. His functional approach to training will help you to look and feel better, and perform to the best of your ability!

Following you will find answers to commonly asked questions concerning personal training and Fred’s services:

‘How will I benefit from Personal Training?’
The benefits of personal training are directly related to your individualized workout program which is tailored to your specific goals and overall lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits that you may enjoy:

Increased cardiovascular endurance and stamina
- Always ready to keep going -

Increased muscle strength and endurance
- No longer have to ask someone else to ‘lift ‘ it for you -

increased core strength and power
- Stronger ‘core’, stronger body -

Increased energy level
- Motivated, positive outlook -

Improved posture
- More confident when you walk into a room -

Increased flexibility
- A more balanced body-

Reduced joint stiffness and soreness
- Move with more ease-

Desired weight loss
- Less stress on your back and joints -

Reduced body fat
- Feel good about yourself, can fit into old clothes!! -

Reduced symptoms of stress
- Sense of well-being and harmony -

Optimum performance in activities of daily living
- Life is good!! -

‘What will my program consist of?'
  A well balanced program will involve total body conditioning. This will include activities and exercises that will improve your cardiovascular system, muscle strength and endurance, and flexibility. Again, the ideal program will be one that meets your specific needs, schedule and is enjoyable.
Fred offers a large selection of activities and exercises from which your program can be based. Some of these may incorporate the use of equipment or machines, others may not. During your sessions, Fred will teach you the correct and safe execution of exercises as well as the proper use of any equipment that is utilized.
Following are a few examples of activities that may be incorporated into your training and conditioning program:

- Running, treadmill training, step aerobics, lo-impact aerobics, cycling -

Muscular strength and endurance
- Resistance training exercises with machines, free weights, bodybars -

Core Training
- Stability and medicine ball exercises, Reebok Core Board training-

Flexibility Training
- Stretching exercises, yoga inspired movements -

Yoga based training
- Yoga postures for simultaneous strength and flexibility -

- Exercises from basic Pilates mat work -

Sports Specific Conditioning
- Drills to enhance sports performance -

Martial Arts based training
- High energy non contact movements for strength, endurance and agility -

Weight control
- Nutrition basics -

’Do I have to train in a gym, or can I work out at home?’

It’s your choice, since Fred offers the possibility of either situation. This will be discussed in your initial consultation, and the best situation to meet your needs will be determined.

‘If I work out at home, do I need to buy specific equipment?’

Not all programs require equipment and it is possible to train at home without any. Upon your initial consultation, Fred will discuss his findings with you, and will recommend if, and which equipment, would enhance your training program. In most cases, if equipment is recommended, the cost will be relatively inexpensive.

‘I don’t really have the time to work out...’

To obtain results, you should commit to a minimum amount of time, so Fred will work with you to accommodate your needs. Together you will determine a realistic training schedule that fits both your personal and professional life. Remember...consistency is the key to success.

‘Can I work out with a friend, spouse or partner....’

Fred offers the possibility of small group training (2-5 people) which is a cost effective means to maximize your time, money and results while sharing common interests and goals with family and friends.

‘How much does it cost? ‘

The fees for training vary according to the length of the session (30, 45 or 60 minutes), as well as how often you would like to train. As well, different price structures exist for small group training (2-5 people). Fred will be happy to discuss fees for his Personal Training services with you, as well as billing procedures and the cancellation policy.

‘How do I begin?’
  To get started, contact Fred on this web site at He will reply to you directly, and together you will set up an appointment for a free consultation, and if desired, your first training session.

During your initial consultation, Fred will conduct a simple evaluation to determine your present fitness level and needs. After reviewing your medical history, current state of health, lifestyle and goals, Fred will make recommendations for improving your overall fitness, and will design an effective weight training, cardiovascular and flexibility program for you. It’s that simple...

Scientific research documents that clients are more successful in achieving their goals with individualized assessment and training. To establish a more comprehensive program, Fred recommends having a Fitness Assessment. This will allow you to more clearly identify specific health concerns, set goals and establish a baseline from which progress can be measured.

Interested? Then, wait no longer! To set up your consultation for Personal Training services, or for additional information or questions that you may have, please contact Fred at He’s looking forward to hearing from you!

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