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Current recommendations for staying healthy and fit advocate getting 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise 3-5 days a week. Learn about, and experience the latest trend in group exercise programming...easy to perform, fun and time efficient 30 minute workouts. A great way to inspire and motivate all students, busy schedule or not! Six workouts to choose from:
STEP: Burn calories and build stamina in this dynamic, creative and easy to follow 30 minute step workout
CARDIO: Move your body and shape up with easy to follow, fun, and energetic lo impact cardio combinations
STRENGTH: Total body integrated resistance training exercises with or without equipment; guaranteed to increase muscular strength and endurance
CARDIO/STRENGTH: Fast paced cardio and strength sequences combined in a single dynamic workout
CORE: Complete body workout using integrated dynamic and static core stabilization exercises
YOGA: Yoga posture sequences emphasizing strength and flexibility for all levels

Workshop or Master Class
Equipment: Determined upon class type selected

‘Fred, more than any instructor I have known and employed over the years, brings a tangible professionalism to his classes.
You feel safe and you know that he is giving you a workout which will bring you better health and no injuries.’
-Kristine Kuolt, Deputy Head, Emergency Planning and Preparations, International Energy Agency, Paris, France
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