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I have always been passionate about my work. Teaching came naturally to me and over the course of my career, I have come to the realization that education is what I do best. I have always enjoyed helping people to succeed in their endeavors, and I take pleasure in sharing my knowledge and experiences to help individuals and businesses be profitable, avoid mistakes and to always be one step ahead of the competition. I look forward to sharing my passion and ‘savoir-faire’ to help you gain knowledge and move your business forward.

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Fred Hoffman is one of the great treasures in the world of health and fitness, a true pioneer and leader who has done it all in this field.  Global teacher, conference presenter, training expert, consultant, writer, and now social media expert, Fred is a man of many talents.  Plus he is a wonderful person, who I had the privilege of working with on the ACSM Health & Fitness Summit Committee for a number of years.  Because of his grasp of the industry, and experience in professional development, Fred’s voice was always respected, and right on with his recommendations and observations.  There aren’t too many fitness professionals who have the background, knowledge, and experience of Fred Hoffman.
Michael Spezzano
Health & Fitness Consultant, Former National Health & Fitness Director, YMCA of the USA